Speak-Ez - Registration

Welcome to the Speak-Ez Community. As civility is an absolute must in this community we would like to outline a few points before you proceed with your registration.

Your fellow Speak-Ez Community members and the Speak-Ez Administrative Team obviously hope you will enjoy yourself in this Community, but please understand that our forums include many differing opinions, outlooks, and experiences. You are certain to find opinions that you disagree with and you may even find some opinions or viewpoints offensive. 

You will find below an Understanding on Etiquette that is written to provide an atmosphere for discussion that we feel will allow for maximum discourse with minimum offense.  

Always be respectful of your fellow Speak-Ez Community members and the moderators. ,  

These forums within the Speak-Ez Community are not a venue for the resolution of personal disputes with members or companies. Keep such personal business from interfering in the well-being of the Speak-Ez Community of which you are soon to be a part.  

These forums are moderated. We will be as fair as we can when moderating but in a large community, with many different viewpoints, there is always the possibility someone will not agree with some manner in which the Administrative Team or the Moderation Team chooses to enforce the Moderation Policy.  

Please understand that the Administrative Team of the Speak-Ez Community reserves the right to make final decisions. 

Please be sure you read and understand the Moderation Policy and the Understanding on Etiquette below.

The Speak-Ez Community Minimum Age and Understanding on Etiquette


*  You are over 14 years of age.

*  Your Forum “Name” (aka User ID) can be 2 - 12 spaces in length

*  Your Forum “Name” must be understandable to an English speaker

*  NO offensive User IDs or signatures will be allowed.

*  Email addresses will not be allowed as a User ID.

*  Names of “notable personages” will not be allowed as a User ID.

*  Corporate identities (i.e. Coca Cola / IBM / Disney) will not be allowed as a User ID.

*  No multiple IDs - extra IDs will be banned and if a member keeps creating IDs,  ALL will be banned.

*  You will not write in 133t. Please remember this is an English language community.

*  You understand that the Moderators of this board have the right to modify/delete any message they feel does not conform to the Moderation Policy.

*  Spamming will result in an immediate ban.

*  Posting of pornographic images or videos of any kind is prohibited. Links to pornographic sites of any kind is prohibited. Any posting of underage images or videos suggestive of a sexual nature is prohibited. You agree that the Speak-Ez Administrative Team will reserve the right to define “of a sexual nature”.

*  You understand that your fellow Speak-Ez Community members and the Speak-Ez Administrative Team assume you understand all the rules of etiquette outlined above and that you understand that you are obliged to adhere to the Understanding on Etiquette or risk being banned from this board. Any member of the Speak-Ez Administrative Team will be more than willing to explain anything you do not understand about the Understanding on Etiquette outlined above.