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Possibly an E-mail problem??

Posted: Fri Dec 26, 2008 5:34 pm
by smitty
I feel as if I have failed to send two e-mails. First was a sort of answer to CielOnTap regarding what information might help on the Whistler gondola a few weeks ago. Actually admitted I did not have any direct contact with someone up in Whistler, though tried a bit of info on the news to possibly help. Then Speak-Ez did send many of us, myself being included so thank you, to sort of thank Speak-Ez, but in both cases it seemed(to me) that I had failed but really do not know.

Do not know EXACTLY what gave me hint that the message was NOT sent, though went back to Sent Items of 08/20/08 & there is no proof that I did send said two e-mails. If you have the answer do not get yourself all worked up for no rush I do remember at 76 yrs of age my knowledge to understanding of the computer world is very vague.

Re: Possibly an E-mail problem??

Posted: Fri Dec 26, 2008 5:55 pm
by CielOnTap
The private message system has four buttons under the window in which you compose messages. Load (would load any draft PMs you saved), Save (would save a PM you typed but don't want to send right away), Preview (works like on the board, gives you a view at how the PM looks), and Submit (the equivalent of Send on this forum).

Go to your User Control Panel and see if you have any PM drafts saved-manage PM drafts or something similar will appear under Compose message option in the left menu bar.

Re: Possibly an E-mail problem??

Posted: Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:33 pm
by deja vu
Smitty, I am posting this but have also sent you an email.

Hope this helps. When you want to reply to a PM that you have read look to the top of
the PM box and the words:

Send reply.

Click that Send Reply button and it will give you a text box to type your message in.
Once you type your message then scroll down till you see the Save/ Preview, and the
Submit button. Click Submit and that will send your PM to the person you are replying to.
It will stay in your Out box until that person clicks to read your pm. Than it will show up
in your sent box, confirming the person has seen your pm.

Re: Possibly an E-mail problem??

Posted: Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:53 pm
by smitty
Thank you deja vu for when I get up the nerve I will try again for I note there is quite a difference to some of my m/c to gun boards

Mind you one m/c board was very strange as well. Had an American m/c rider living in & runing this lovely resort area in south east Thailand for some yrs now. We had several things in common being not only m/c riding, but both of us own the same make & model of rowing machine plus he was seriously thinking of a good Snith & Wesson revolver for target shooting I have the same make, but the m/c board had made a change or two to actually hide the Message sending bit in another part to way below in the left & in small print.

When befuddled I should have sent it oenly on the forum for nothing was hush-hush or private like.

My handle of "Smythe" is sort of my second name/handle but I must have used "Smitty" being my personal preverence so must have used the Smitty bit, by error, for I am surprised that you, deja vu you used my preferred handle!!!!! That has left me to a bit of thinking of how?? So obviously this is quite an interesting forum & for several reasons.

Re: Possibly an E-mail problem??

Posted: Sat Dec 27, 2008 5:45 pm
by smitty
Last post shows one how AGE will throw a person out of thinking sensibly. Smitty is the handle I prefer though if the board has been in existance for a year or more then that is when I have to go for Smythe, & in the case of this board it is young I tried for Smitty to got it. Still thought, in mind, that Smythe was my handle. No I have not taken in to much booze, just age showing for I have never touched liquor, tobacco or illegal drugs. Unless it was the burning Xmas pudding cake that did me in on the Xmas budding with a family I know well.