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Re: Funny but true stories in the news

Postby smitty on Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:08 pm

deja vu and others, there is a danger to others when someone is partially drunk & trying to drive their car that is more like a TANK in weight.

Those partially drunk can & often do hit one of may humans that are ONE a PARKWAY, to some that turn to the right & again can hit an innocent human being.

The RCMP in especially the Okanagan Valley toi some other places are handing tickets out toi so many they get to stop & with a breathing test they are well beyond the proper health to drive a car.

I was almost hit by one when driving my car home in the evening after a hot home cooked meal & a family I get along with. I was about to come to a 4-way crossing with lights, only some fool through the Red light was headed directly into my lane. I tried to get his attention by hitting the driving lighst high & low, but that did no good. I could have stopped & locked up everything so it would have been a simple head on collission, but I had to possibly duck it. I hit the curb to the right, knew that was hard on the right front tire. Made it through the GREEN light, but could feel the right front wheel was FLAT. This was just after a broken hip & to wrestle a spare sheel out & do the change was asking to my for my damage hip.

I got away when someone with a cellular phone actually called in someone that whould make the change at a cost. Still when people are drunk & driving they are often in the danger of others be they on foot or in an oncomming car on the other lane.

This is one reason I will NOT ride a m/c at night during the cooler weather. To many drunks or those on drugs that can end my life with such ease for their car weighs a ton more then my sport bike that only weighs 500 lbs. I know about the latter for I was stopped at an ORANGE light that was going to go to RED but some idiot decided I was a m/c rider so he would charge through the oncomming RED light. THAT incident nearly throuogh me part way across the four way crossing & not a single person offered some help THEY JUST KEPT ON BLASTING THEIR HORNS for I was in THEIR WAY with a downed bike to also having to lift it up by myself & maker sure I could get rolling after. So in the city of Kelowna I definately ride a m/c to the same with a Subaru Forester even if I know some store has some decent prices or productsIIII
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Re: Funny but true stories in the news

Postby southernfry on Sat Sep 07, 2013 6:38 pm

Not just a problem in New Zealand. Don't all car owners feel this way when they go to the
Gas Station to fill up?

New Zealand Herald -

Running to the border for bbq sauce
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Re: Funny but true stories in the news

Postby rodeorope on Mon Sep 01, 2014 6:50 pm

Not funny, but true and I don't know how they are not seriously injured or killed attempting this. How do you keep it from shifting while riding a bike through traffic in any city
in India. Pray you don't come across a bridge or metal bar in a open garage with a height limit.

(Ap - An Indian laborer loads goods on a bike at Chawri Bazar, in New Delhi, India.)

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