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Funny but true stories in the news

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 8:16 am
by deja vu
If its funny, off the wall, a funny sign, or just how stupid can a crook be story, and
in the news it probably belongs here. Search high, search low across the GLOBE,
leave no stone unturned. If its funny/off the wall,etc. its out there, just need to
find it, or in some cases it may find you!

Re: Funny but true stories in the news

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 8:19 am
by deja vu
Umm... That's Not a Cat

MOUNT CARMEL – A Mount Carmel woman thought she was petting a neighbor’s cat, but it
turned out to be a skunk. Mount Carmel police were called to a home Monday after the
skunk sprayed the woman and the animal ran into her home around 5a.m. Northumberland
County Emergency Services says it took several hours to clear the animal from the house.


A German candy store has been closed down after Berlin police found its sweets were
laced with hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana, Reuters reported.

"In the shop we found 120 pieces of magic mushroom chocolate and countless cannabis
lollipops," police officers told Reuters.

All told, police found 70 small bags of various drugs, 20 marijuana joints and jars of
drug-laced honey in the shop, which is located in a trendy east Berlin neighborhood.

The 23-year-old owner of the shop has been taken into custody on suspicion of drug-dealing,
and a customer was also arrested after trying to buy a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms from
a police officer, Reuters reported.


Bald Billboards

Attention bald men: New Zealand's national airline needs you!

Air New Zealand is offering to pay bald travelers to stand in lines in three airports — while
wearing temporary tattoos on the back of their heads so the displays can be seen by people
lining up behind them.

The airline would pay $660 for each walking billboard, a company official said.

The tattoos will promote a new system that is meant to reduce check-in waiting times.

Air New Zealand marketing manager Steve Bayliss described the campaign as "a bit of fun."

"It's a ... tattoo on the back of someone's head, so they have to have their head shaved or be
bald already," he told National Radio on Wednesday. "It will be an advantage for them to be
bald already."

The tattoos would fade or wash off after about two weeks, he said. (AP)



Calling 'Scooby' to the Stand

Dog appears as witness in murder trial.

A dog nicknamed "Scooby" has become the first animal in the world to appear as a witness
in a murder trial.

The animal is believed to have been with his 59-year-old owner when she was found hanging
from the ceiling of her Paris flat. Police believe it was suicide but her family demanded a
murder investigation.

During a preliminary hearing the pet was led into the witness box by a vet to see how it reacted
to a suspect. It is said to have "barked furiously".

The aim was to decide if there was sufficient evidence to launch a full murder inquiry and a
judge is yet to reach a decision.

French judge Thomas Cassuto praising the animal for his "exemplary behaviour and
invaluable assistance".

Scooby to the rescue again.

Re: Funny but true stories in the news

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:33 pm
by fishandchips
A skunk! Shades of Peppy LePew cartoon stories. Guess the woman found the white stripe on the cat endearing? :D

Re: Funny but true stories in the news

PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:30 pm
by yukon
Delegate Who Pushed for 'DUI' License Plates Arrested for DUI


A Maryland state delegate who called for "DUI" license plates that would be issued to people convicted
more than once of drunken driving has been charged with driving under the influence himself.

A Montgomery County police report says an officer cited Herman Taylor Jr. after finding him sleeping
with his SUV idling at a 7-Eleven on New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring on May 1.

Re: Funny but true stories in the news

PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 7:14 pm
by fishandchips
Anticipated the need in advance--that is thinking ahead. Can he do the same for his life and re-think some actions?

Re: Funny but true stories in the news

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 3:13 pm
by CielOnTap
Oregon hospital tells grandfather he's pregnant; clerical error blamed
PORTLAND, Ore. - A patient treated for agonizing abdominal pain received some surprising news in paperwork issued by an Oregon hospital.

It read: "Based on your visit today, we know you are pregnant." Surprising indeed for 71-year-old John Grady Pippen.

Re: Funny but true stories in the news

PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:21 am
by deja vu
New meaning to here kitty kitty:

CASPER, Wyo. — A police officer didn't think much of a call to shoo off a bothersome "kitty cat" at a
Casper home on Monday. But after the officer arrived at the home, he ran for cover after seeing a male
mountain lion weighing 80 to 90 pounds.

Beverly Hood said she was inside when she first saw the mountain lion lying on her porch Monday. Hood said
the lion hissed at her, but she wasn't scared.,2933,431162,00.html

Re: Funny but true stories in the news

PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:47 am
by dreamon
Abandoned Saginaw home sells for $1.75 on eBay

The Saginaw home that hit the housing market at a cut-rate price sold for less than the price of a
McDonald's value meal.

The abandoned home on 1606 Perkins received eight bids on and sold for $1.75 Wednesday evening.

"I am going to try and sell it," she said of the home. "I don't have any plans to move to Saginaw. I don't have
any plans of moving from (Chicago)."


I would say she will be spending much more than $850 to bring it up to code. Dead giveaway when the previous
owners will tell you nothing.

Re: Funny but true stories in the news

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:43 am
by dreamon
Dead German poet gets TV demands

The celebrated German poet Friedrich Schiller, dead for more than 200 years, has been sent reminders that
he should pay his TV and radio licence fee.

The German fee collection agency, GEZ, mistakenly sent letters to "Mr Friedrich Schiller" - which arrived at a
primary school bearing his name. The author of Ode to Joy had been registered with GEZ as a householder.

Re: Funny but true stories in the news

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:33 pm
by fishandchips
The eBay home sale has that "fix-it-upper" appeal. Unless the buyer can get the Extreme Makeover crew interested in a wooden home...notice the tall grass?

As for the dead poet, someone must have faked their identity to get some services. Think that service crews and billing departments need to have a meeting to verify the addresses in their system.