Over and stout for the Irish pub?

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Over and stout for the Irish pub?

Post by dreamon » Thu Oct 09, 2008 11:34 am

With an estimated 200 bars a year closing in Ireland, is the country's love affair with the pub coming to a bitter end?

Some believe the traditional Irish pub is an endangered species, and the credit crunch is now placing it in greater jeopardy.

That's the sad conclusion of a travel writer who has just completed one of the longest pub crawls in Irish history.

The author Turtle Bunbury went to all 32 counties in Ireland, and visited more than 700 pubs. Although he couldn't
manage a pint in every one, he got a real taste of Irish pub culture in the new millennium.


Say it isnt so.

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Re: Over and stout for the Irish pub?

Post by CielOnTap » Thu Oct 09, 2008 6:30 pm

Since Ireland has something appealing to offer, the pub experience, maybe some tour operators could see their way to combining resources by running the pub bus one or two nights per week between the various pubs when bands play? It would be a feature to promote at the tourism office for the independent or nighttripper tourists too-no need to worry about driving back from the pubs-take the bus! Some kind of a pass for one night's bus service would be good.

Pubs are also like social centres in their own way, so the closing of pubs means less social interactions and possibly a lack of alternative community centres for sport or culture to meet up at.

Yes, the cost of beer is something the local Irish do not particularly enjoy but then what value on pub life do they place?
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