Search for MH370 Malaysian airliner has ceased

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Search for MH370 Malaysian airliner has ceased

Post by CielOnTap » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:36 pm

News that the combined Malaysian, Chinese and Australian authorities have ended the search for debris from flight MH370 which disappeared from radar over two years ago has not been received well by the families of the missing crew and passengers.
For the families of those who disappeared, the end of the search ensures the uncertainty will remain.

Accustomed to mistrusting what they are told by government, many Chinese relatives of those onboard refuse to believe their husbands, children, parents and siblings have died.

On many days, dozens of family members still gather at the Beijing office of Malaysia Airlines. Among them is Dai Shuqin, who had five relatives onboard MH370 and has, like many others, refused to sign a compensation agreement that might discharge either the airline or governments of responsibility for her loved ones.

“I’m very angry,” she said. “How can they explain this to the world? At a time of such high-tech science, a big plane just disappeared?” ... e33643338/

Officials indicated that there has not been conclusive evidence of where the plane or its black box recorders could be found.

The families of the missing Australians on the flight intend to keep pursuing the airline company and the search for answers.
On Wednesday his wife, Danica Weeks, told Australian Associated Press the Malaysian government should realise that she and other relatives would never stop fighting for the truth.

“It is their plane, their responsibility, they’re the ones that promised they would bring them home and now they are just giving up,” she said. “We will keep fighting. If Malaysia thinks it’s just going to disappear on them then they have got another think coming … I’m not going to leave him out there or wherever he is, we’re not going to leave our loved ones out there.” ... s-families
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Re: Search for MH370 Malaysian airliner has ceased

Post by fishandchips » Sat May 26, 2018 1:17 pm

Actually, there has been a search for MH370 by a Texan firm. However, the Malaysian government has announced the end of the search will be next week. ... paign=time

Also revealed recently are two wreckage analysts' explanation for what became of the flight plane: ... ight-mh370

Australian official did not agree with the theory that the plane's captain was ditching the plane: ... d-aircraft
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