When tarmac issues break airline tariff agreements

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When tarmac issues break airline tariff agreements

Postby fishandchips on Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:53 pm

AIr Transat has been ordered to pay $295,000 to affected passengers on two of its flights that were stuck for hours on tarmacs due to weather and airline crew scheduling. The fine is over and beyond the sums spent by passengers to get out of the stuck flights on the ground where they were told they could not disembark.
The passenger bill of rights was a recurring theme after the July 31 incident when one of the two aircraft ran out of fuel and lost power, shutting down the air conditioning system. Passengers described how tensions mounted as temperatures rose, a child threw up on board one plane and ultimately a passenger on the Brussels flight called 911, attracting widespread media attention.

Weather caused the two flights to be diverted to Ottawa on July 31, along with about 20 other planes — an incident that appeared to tax airport resources in the national capital. The airline argued it shouldn’t be held liable for what happened.

Transportation agency members agreed Air Transat was not solely responsible for the delays, prodding airports, refuelling companies and others involved in getting planes on and off the ground to work harder to avoid a repeat occurrence.

However, the agency said the extraordinary situation didn’t relieve Air Transat from its commitment to customers. The agency ordered the airline to rewrite the tariff agreement by late February to require passengers to disembark after a four-hour delay, unless there are safety, security, or air traffic control issues, and require crews to update passengers every 30 minutes.

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