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News From Around The World

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:23 pm
by Speak-Ez
Speak-Ez is intended as an International Community where people from around the world can come together and hopefully develop a better understanding of people you wouldn't ordinarily meet in everyday life and have the chance to exchange views to build better international understanding.

To help in this goal we have selected news sites, some under the auspices of print newspapers, from around the world. One of our staff members will regularly pull one or two leading stories from each of the sites listed on a rotating basis and post those. We don't want to set a strict schedule, but we will be diligent in rotating the selection from which we draw the stories so that in a given period of time all the sites will be represented.

Of course, any member is welcome to pull a story from any of the sites on the list and post the story. We ask, though, that you do not post full stories. Please just post snippets and add a link to the full story. It would be a good idea to add some reason why the story caught your interest. Discussion is the key here on Speak-Ez, right? You can't build understanding if you don't voice your views.


Hong Kong -

Asia Times


Thailand -

Bangkok Post


Japan -

The Japan Times


Australia -

Sydney Morning Herald


New Zealand -

New Zealand Herald



Al Arabiya


Scotland -



Britain -



Italy -

ANSA ... glish.html


France -

International Herald Tribune


Spain -

The Daily Spain


South Africa -

Daily News


Russia -

Vladivostok Times

St Petersburg Times


Canada -

The Toronto Star


South America -




Anchorage Daily News

San Francisco Chronicle

Miami Herald

New York Times