A great idea with no limits, just your imagination

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A great idea with no limits, just your imagination

Postby yukon on Mon May 19, 2014 7:50 pm

A Makerspace is a member operated shared space where people can come together and collaborate while sharing tools, resources and knowledge. One tool can be effectively duplicated many times over by sharing it, in the same way that someone’s learning experiences may be shared.

When you walk into our Makerspace, your first thoughts might be ,”Wow, I could make anything here, if only I had the knowledge”. Then after talking to a few people, you realize the vast amounts of experience and knowledge that exists. Anything you would like to know about, someone has either done it or has a really good idea how to do it. It soon becomes apparent that almost anything is possible.


What a great idea and it just came across the nightly news. I think anyone can join and don't have to live in BC, Canada to qualify. A good vacation idea for the techie friend or family member.

If it was unknown before, it's going to be a very busy place now for a long time. Maybe he should franchise it to other areas that show interest in having one in their community.
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