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Car To Car Communication

Postby yukon on Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:44 pm

Hariharan Krishnan hardly looks like a street racer. With thin-rimmed glasses and a neat mustache, he reminds me of a math teacher. And yet on a sunny day last September, he was speeding, seemingly recklessly, around the parking lot at General Motors’ research center in Warren, Michigan, in a Cadillac DTS.

I was in the passenger seat as Krishnan wheeled around a corner and hit the gas. A moment later a light flashed on the dashboard, there was a beeping sound, and our seats started buzzing furiously. Krishnan slammed on the brakes, and we lurched to a stop just as another car whizzed past from the left, its approach having been obscured by a large hedge. “You can see I was completely blinded,” he said calmly.

The technology that warned of the impending collision will start appearing in cars in just a couple of years. Called car-to-car or vehicle-to-vehicle communication, it lets cars broadcast their position, speed, steering-wheel position, brake status, and other data to other vehicles within a few hundred meters. The other cars can use such information to build a detailed picture of what’s unfolding around them, revealing trouble that even the most careful and alert driver, or the best sensor system, would miss or fail to anticipate. ... unication/

Drivers are so distracted or lazy or both, because skills are going down hill fast. I'm not so sure this is going to make people safer, all those bells and whistles going off one after another might have the opposite affect.
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Re: Car To Car Communication

Postby CielOnTap on Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:10 pm

Given that hackers proved they could control a car via it's computerized components, what is to prevent hackers from staging a car road rally without permission of the cars' owners/operators? Video games with real life stakes.
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