App enhances the world for blind

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App enhances the world for blind

Postby deja vu on Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:32 pm

A new smartphone app is helping people who are blind or visually impaired experience the world around them in more detail than ever before. Autour, developed at McGill University in Montreal, combines data from Google and social media with ambient sound to generate a description of businesses, landmarks and services near the user.

“We deliver to the blind users the directional sense of where things are located, simply by the way they hear it arrive at their two ears,” said Jeremy Cooperstock, one of the app developers. ... -1.3008787

Autour is now available to download, for free, from the Apple App Store and can be used in major cities across the country.

The iOS app runs on iPhone 4s or more recent version. Developers say they are currently working on an Android version.

RIght now it seems to be available only in Canada, but I hope that it will go world wide. I just saw the story on this on the nightly news, and it works like a charm. The 2 testers feel they have added another
level to their freedom.
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