Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Snubs

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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Snubs

Postby deja vu on Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:11 am


There are many legendary, iconic, and influential artists out there whom the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is seemingly intentionally ignoring. Every year, about only 5 acts are inducted, but about 15 are usually nominated. The acts below have yet to appear anywhere to date, despite being eligible, many of whom for quite some time. Whether it boils down to political reasons, personal gripes, biased genre hated, or even just complete oversights, there are more than a few musicians whom are worthy of being inducted into the Hall of Fame that are being completely denied the credit and acknowledgement they truly deserve.

Given the loss of Joe Cocker today, one has to wonder why he was not inducted sooner. They should answer as to why they snubbed him and others that rightfully deserve their place in the hall. ... 13-update/

Blue Oyster Cult, Chicago, The Carpenters, Dire Straits, ELO, Emerson Lake & Palmer and Doobie Brothers are also being snubbed, but why? As you go through the list on the article you are shaking your head by the amount of talent they are ignoring.
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Re: Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Snubs

Postby kittydiva on Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:54 pm

I haven't kept up with each year's inductees recently, but there is one notable longtime snub I definitely feel is unwarranted. The Moody Blues!

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