Trying to 'change the culture of medicine'

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Trying to 'change the culture of medicine'

Post by deja vu » Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:57 pm

Trying to 'change the culture of medicine' by letting patients decide what gets researched
Patients can bring attention to issues they face that may not previously have been studied

A new approach to medical research in Canada lets patients help decide what gets studied, and how.

No longer are scientists toiling away in labs in isolation. Patients and their family members or caregivers are increasingly involved behind the scenes, working alongside researchers, doctors and decision-makers at all stages of the research process. "Fairness and justice would say these people have got the disease … surely they should have a bit of a say," says Dr. Andreas Laupacis of Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital. ... -1.4016312

It is about time, the ones that have to live with the issue, should have a say in what is going on, what to study. The dawning of a new age in Medicine and
the sky is the limit.
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