Vision care and eyes


Vision care and eyes

Postby CielOnTap on Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:29 pm

I discovered that August is National Eye Exam Month (in Canada) while I was looking at my Twitter feed today. The timing might be ideal for young kids needing eye exams prior to the start of a new school year but also anyone starting a new job or sport that requires protective or corrective eyewear. Check with your region's health authority to see if any specific age groups get full coverage for eye exams or eyewear before looking at your own health benefits plans for any visioncare coverage (usually a dollar limit is available for biennial prescription eyewear purchase).

Given how much of the world we receive through our eyes (faces, reading, interacting with nature, distinguishing colours), they need nutritional support and sometimes medical help to keep them working. Accidents, health issues and different stages of life (aging) can affect the eyes' abilities to work, to correctly perceive colours and to process visual information.

With it being summer in the Northern Hemisphere, eye protection from sun exposure does really matter.

Also remember to practice eye safety with some summer activities:
Even activities at home may require eye protection and some cautions to keep everyone's eyes safe:

Here's a summer salad recipe containing ingredients that can assist in maintaining optimal eye health: ... mato-salad
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