Europe Overtakes North America as Richest Region in theWorld

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Europe Overtakes North America as Richest Region in theWorld

Post by CielOnTap » Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:39 pm


Fewer US Millionaires
Europe Overtakes North America As Richest Region In the World
A new report on global wealth says that Europe has overtaken the United States to become the richest region in the world. But the Americans still have more millionaires then the EU -- and should you want to marry one, you might be better off in Singapore or the Middle East.

From dishwasher to millionaire. If that's the sort of career you want, then there's no place like the USA. It is the land of unlimited opportunity. But over the last 12 months many Americans have also come to learn about opportunities that lead in the opposite direction: from millionaire to dishwasher, for instance.

The worst global recession in decades has left its mark on the world's economic powers, but no nation has been affected quite as badly as the US, wealth dropped by 22 percent -- almost double the worldwide average. The "Global Wealth Report" released by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on the anniversary of the Lehman Brother's bank collapse indicates that Europe has overtaken North America to become the world's wealthiest region. ... ml#ref=rss

An incentive to learn a few phrases in another language, should you cross paths with a millionaire with venture capital for new industries.
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