Are Work Suits On The Way Out?

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Are Work Suits On The Way Out?

Post by deja vu » Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:50 pm

Once upon a time British cities at rush hour were a sea of grey suits, bowler hats and umbrellas.

The contrast with today is stark. It's not just the arrival of women in the workforce that has changed things but the shift away from suits to smart casual, jeans and even in some quarters trainers, T-shirts and flip flops. For both sexes. A recent poll of 2,000 British workers by online bank First Direct found that only one in 10 employees wears a suit every day, more than a third of staff opt for jeans and only 18% regularly wear a tie.

It depends on the job and if the employees are dealing with the public every day. Bank tellers in Canada generally dress up for work, some wear suits others dress shirt/pants and tie, and the ladies in dress pants, skirts, blouses or dresses. The only time you see employees across the province or country in jeans are on the "Wear your jeans to work" day. In BC it is done to raise money for the Childrens Hospital. Banks are not the only ones that participate, stores and offices also take part for the worthy cause.

I don't agree with flipflops at work unless of course they work as lifeguards or perhaps a beach wear shop, but they don't belong in the general work place. Teachers tend to live in jeans and t shirts or dress shirt. It's being a long time since suits have been worn in the classroom. Principals, Vice Principals dress up because they deal with parents but I think teachers only dress up for parent teacher meetings. When you see some stories on teachers you think that they need to learn how to dress properly. Some look like they are dressing for a barbecue or camping in the wilds, not a school room.

Personally I think dressing down has it place with some jobs but I think dressing up for work is good for business. I don't want to deal with a bank manager wearing jeans and flip flops. It doesn't scream professional to me. One should take an interest in their appearance and how the public views them. Where one lives plays a role in this as well. If your in a very hot climate short sleeve dress shirts and perhaps a loosened tie makes sense over wearing a suit jacket all day long and sweltering in the heat. Just leave the flipflops at home. At least ladies can ditch the shoes for dress sandals in the heat.

Jeans are appropriate for day care, kindergartens, jean stores etc but not in banks, lawyers offices, medical offices etc.
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Re: Are Work Suits On The Way Out?

Post by smitty » Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:21 pm

I really do not know for I stopped using a work suit back in the early 50s, but even then it was a sensible two or three piece in the winter time, but come summer we shifted to a decent pair of slacks, best of shoes & proper sport jacket. On yes in both cases a proper shirt & tie---when working in Woodwards or the Hudson Bay.

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Re: Are Work Suits On The Way Out?

Post by CielOnTap » Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:09 pm

Suits are the men's wardrobe of choice for anyone wanting to enter the office world unless it is one's own office and dress code is what you want to wear.

Royals and those with titles won't be making their clothes anytime soon, so there is some trade for the suit shoppes yet. For the average person walking in London, unless their own marriage or someone else's happens or even a funeral, those are about the only times that a suit may be worn.
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