Pay Equity-only at the top of the pay scale

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Pay Equity-only at the top of the pay scale

Postby CielOnTap on Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:09 pm

A case concerning pay inequity in Ontario, Canada, had an outcome indicating that pay inequity can exist as long as the top positions are equalized. Why does this seem familiar?

Pay inequity OK if top rates are equal, Ontario court rules
Published On Tue, 12 Jun 2012

Vanessa Lu
Business Reporter

An Ontario Divisional Court ruling has upheld the view women may earn less than men doing jobs of equal value, so long as their earnings equalize when they reach the top of the pay scale.

The case involves two locals represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees that argued women in predominantly female classifications faced more steps along the wage grid before reaching the top, compared with men in predominantly male classifications.

The union’s request for judicial review involved two employers, Lakeridge Health Corp., and York Region District School Board, and the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal which had refused the union’s application to eliminate the different rates of progression.

At Lakeridge, employees in the predominantly male service unit can reach a top-paying spot after nine months, while employees in the clerical unit, which is predominantly female, won’t reach the top until after two years.

Bell Canada operators had a case on the same matter, a disparity between pay for men and women doing the same work.
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Re: Pay Equity-only at the top of the pay scale

Postby deja vu on Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:38 pm

Now the discussion is hitting the Tennis World during a Premier Grand Slam event.

They have the same expenses, work just as hard, so why shouldn't they earn the same amount as the guys on tour. Gilles Simon should be focusing on his game, as it hasn't been that great lately. I think a few of the Ladies on tour will have a thing or two to say to him. The past Ladies players worked hard to get the same rights as the guys and Simon is trying to send it back to the dark ages.

Roger Federer avoided wading into the subject of equal prize money for men and women at Grand Slams events.

After his second-round victory at Wimbledon on Wednesday, Federer was asked about comments by 13th-seeded Gilles Simon of France, who is on the ATP Player Council and said men should be paid more than women at tennis tournaments. ... men_women/
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