Common Sense Gets Him Fired

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Common Sense Gets Him Fired

Postby signs on Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:13 pm

Americans have reacted with stunned disbelief that a South Florida lifeguard has been fired for attempting to save a drowning man outside his beach patrol area on Monday. The fact that Tomas Lopez, working for a private company contracted to the City of Hallandale Beach, was canned has touched off a storm of protest resulting in an investigation into exactly what happened. Two fellow lifeguards quit immediately in protest.

“It has always been the city’s policy that if there is an actual emergency either inside the protected area or outside the protected area that the lifeguard should go,” Peter Dobens, a spokesperson for the city, told the Star Thursday. ... owning-man

This is the type of guy you want working for you. One that puts safety first and it got him fired instead. Even the City Manager praises him for his attempt. Maybe the city should cancel the contract with the private company since they don't seem to care about safety first. Last time I checked Lifeguards are there to save lives not stand by while someone is drowning.

The City should hire this guy and put him in charge of the beaches, he will do a lot better than the company that is running the show right now.
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Re: Common Sense Gets Him Fired

Postby manga2read on Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:42 pm

In the US, companies want to avoid lawsuit litigation or liabilities of any kind. Probably the reason behind the firing as the lifeguard did not stick strictly to the rules.

Though from a lifeguarding perspective, the man probably had to ethically respond to the person in the water. Let's see if a company will hire the man for a place where he can respond as such as the occasion arises.
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