Teacher Fired For Giving Zeros

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Teacher Fired For Giving Zeros

Post by deja vu » Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:35 pm

The Edmonton teacher who was fired for giving his students zeros has got a new job at a local private school.

Lynden Dorval, a former physics teacher at Ross Sheppard High School, was suspended in May for giving students zeros for work that wasn't handed in or tests not taken. That method went against the school's policy of not awarding zeros and on Friday Dorval found out he was fired.

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/ ... ml?cmp=rss

I applaude him for doing what's right. If they are not doing the work or taking tests should they get marks along with the hard working students that actually did the work?

If there is a medical reason for the student then that is a different story, but it seems he handed them out because the students just did not do the work or show up for tests.

He should be able to win his lawsuit, at the very least he is putting the Alberta School system under a microscope.

He did those kids a favor by handing out zeros, maybe it will wake the parents up to the problem. The article doesn't say what marks the school board would hand out for not doing the work or writing tests, but I don't think they are doing their job as educators. They are there to educate, yet they seem to just pass the buck from one grade to another and not solving the problem. No wonder entry level UNI students are having problems, they were shuffled through the system as fast as they can.

They should be firing the School Board and bringing in people that care about the kids and getting the marks for the work they do and find a way to deal with the ones that don't do the work. Ignoring it like they have is unbelievable.
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Re: Teacher Fired For Giving Zeros

Post by CielOnTap » Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:35 pm

If parents and guardians pay property taxes to support municipal schools and those schools, due to provincial government policies, are basically saying to teachers pass everyone, then it will be a rude and expensive education waking up to major debt for those students and realizing they lack education.

That is one big money grab.
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Re: Teacher Fired For Giving Zeros

Post by keychain » Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:32 pm

An Ohio teacher accused of instructing her gifted students to fail an exam has reportedly resigned.

Heather Campbell, 39, was in her second year teaching fifth- and sixth-grade students at Waggoner Road Junior High School, the Columbus Dispatch reports. District investigators said Campbell encouraged student to fail a science pretest by drawing pictures of a cat or rock or to answer the question using texting shorthand such as LOL.

http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/10/10/te ... y-resigns/

Wow, that is sick and just as bad as giving out zeros. This one just left that dirty job to innocent kids.

Superintendent Steve Dackin told the newspaper it was unclear whether Campbell urged her students to underperform on the test since it was tied to her evaluation.

“If that would have maintained the course ... theoretically, she would have benefited because it would have been reflected in her scores” if another assessment was given later in the year and the students did better, Dackin said.
Another bad teacher that gives a bad name to all of the good teachers out there. Those that give a darn about their students and work hard to teach them and are forgotten every time another bad one crawls out from the rocks.
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Re: Teacher Fired For Giving Zeros

Post by kittydiva » Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:56 am

Hi folks, me again! All 3 posts here were quite interesting.

This topic really caught my interest. I have to agree that we should support the teacher who gave out those zeroes for really good reasons, such assignments not being turned in. I'll tell you a story from my last semester of teaching (Fall 2012). I had a trig class and the students were to do a project that would count for 10% of the grade. First task was to submit to me the proposed specific topic. This one student never submitted this. Toward the end of the semester, each student was to give an in-class presentation and give me the written project. This student gave nothing! Now it was only about a week until the end of the semester and I face-to-face told this student to submit something ----- even just put it in my mailbox. NOTHING! So what choice did I have?

And here's another story which didn't happen to me, but to a fellow who was one of our adjunct faculty. For a while I corrdinated our college-level class math adjuncts. This fellow had a main job as a local high school teacher. He told me he had this one student who did poorly in class and this was reflected in the grade. According to him, she was some politician's daughter or something, and somehow the school actually changed that grade!

Sigh. I wish more folks would pay attention to the words of the Holocaust Survivor whom I saw interviewed on C-Span American History TV (I think her name was Anna Gross or Grosz); she told the audience: "Education, education, education!"

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