Party hats game decides proprosed cuts

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Party hats game decides proprosed cuts

Postby mousepad on Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:24 pm

Civil servants have been accused of being "crass and insensitive" after using a game with party hats to propose cuts at the Department for Education.

The PCS trade union has written to the department's Permanent Secretary to complain about the game, which was played at a meeting before Christmas. It came to light on an internal Department for Education (DfE) blog by its director of finance and commercial.

Childishness/immaturity to play a game when playing with people's lives. Maybe some of them should be included
in the proposed cuts.
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Re: Party hats game decides proprosed cuts

Postby CielOnTap on Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:33 am

Somehow, tact is needed and some business sense required when the budget cutting has to be done. If you follow municipal budget meetings and news stories, there are people putting in long hours to get the figures and copying done for the final budget approval meeting. That means plenty of nights without dinner with family or playing with kids. Would YOU want to give up your free time to sit in meetings and sift through invoices and reports to find numbers and determine what needs to be cut?

Christmas party involving a game of cutting using party hats does not merit a connection to Christmas. It's like being asked to leave thinking capacity at the door. Better to resolve not to attend work parties if this is the typical sort of amusement offered.
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