Why your natural eyelashes are just right

Why your natural eyelashes are just right

Postby CielOnTap on Sat Apr 11, 2015 2:54 pm

I came across a short item in a February 2015 issue of The Economist on a study on eyelashes-a scientist had a hypothesis that natural eyelash length had a defined purpose or purposes and set about proving those purposes.
Nature has, it turns out, arrived at the optimum eyelash length to keep the cornea moist and dust-free. By reducing air flow over the cornea, eyelashes create a boundary layer of slow-moving air. That stops dust getting through, and also promotes water retention, since moisture is not blown away. Up to a point, the boundary layer grows thicker as the lashes grow longer. But long lashes also act as a funnel, channelling moving air into the eye and disrupting the protective layer. The thickest boundary layer comes when there is a one-to-three ratio between lash length and eye width.


Keep in mind that applying false eyelashes that exceed the natural length of one's own lashes will change the protective function to one that will add to eye woes. Worth considering if you want to be a character and appear as someone else.
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