New Swiss Immigration Law

New Swiss Immigration Law

Postby mousepad on Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:48 pm

The European Union said Sunday it will review ties with Switzerland after the non-member country voted to restrict EU immigration in a referendum cheered by right-wing parties across Europe. Final results of the nail-bitingly close plebiscite showed 50.3 per cent of voters backed the “Stop Mass Immigration” plan pushed by Swiss right-wing populists. The fallout from the result could sink a raft of deals with the EU, including on the economic front. ... e16765398/

The EU is making too much of this when Switzerland is not a member of the EU. They do business with them, but when not a member the EU should not be taking such a hard line over immigration policies. No doubt they will find a middle ground, but the Swiss voters have spoken democratically and the EU needs to chill.
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