Construction Projects Are Tearing Istanbul Apart

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Construction Projects Are Tearing Istanbul Apart

Post by southernfry » Sat Aug 02, 2014 3:49 pm

Late one night in the maze of wooden houses beneath Istanbul’s ancient city walls, an old man rose from his bed, scrawled a suicide note, and gulped down a bottle of pesticide. For months Ismet Hezer had watched his neighbours in the close-knit neighbourhood of Tokludede crumble under intense pressure to sell their homes, which were earmarked to be demolished as part of an ‘urban renewal’ scheme. Residents had been kicked out, and others had sold up at knockdown prices to government-linked developers who told them they would otherwise be nationalised.
Just two days earlier the local authority had sent Hezer a letter threatening that he and his family would be evicted from the house he had owned for 45 years. “They want to take my children’s nest from their hands,” read his spidery script in the note found in his pocket, addressed to a prosecutor.
Last December, two years after Hezer penned his suicide note, his plea to a prosecutor seemed prophetic. Demir was arrested, as both he, Erdoğan and many other key players in Istanbul’s development boom became embroiled in the largest corruption scandal in ­Turkey’s history.
On December 17th, along with other officials at Fatih Municipality, which covers Istanbul’s touristic centre, Demir was held on allegations he illegally awarded construction permits. Erdoğan himself was accused of forcing a group of businessmen – part of a consortium that had won the tender to build the airport ­– to raise $450m to buy a failing media group, ensuring it remained in government-friendly hands. In return, the group were to be rewarded with ­construction contracts.
Sönmez. “They know no other way of growth.”
Yapici, the head of the Istanbul Chamber of Architects, says the government has slashed planning regulations in order to ease checks on development.
Major projects now routinely proceed without detailed plans being made public. “This is a new method specific to Turkey,” Yapici said. “All we get are these simple pictures that almost a child could draw. They publish them in the press, say how wonderful it will be, make speeches about it, and that’s how they legitimise it.” ... 62102.html

Lets see, under the table and in your face manipulation. Illegal contracts and no thought to safety or the law. If any of this is built by the people involved, it's time to run in the other direction. Shoddy work will be the norm with the idea, build fast on the cheap and get the most you can from it and then run and hide.
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