Venezuela long after Chavez's passing

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Venezuela long after Chavez's passing

Post by CielOnTap » Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:03 pm

The economic crisis and food shortages in the country are prompting women to make decisions on limiting children in their family or to not have children at all.
There are free or reduced price surgeries offered to women wanting to get sterilized. Some women request the surgeries right after the birth of their child or second child,as the adults know how hard it is to find baby supplies or how expensive they can be to buy. ... e#comments

I remember during the late President Chavez's time in office, he had nationalized the oil refineries. The oil money helped the government help the people with basic needs. But as the price of oil dropped, so did government supports as there was less and less money to spend.

In the comments, one person remarks on Venezuela's climate as very accommodating to growing food yet currently the country has food shortages.
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