McDonald's profit slips

McDonald's profit slips

Postby keychain on Tue Jul 22, 2014 12:25 pm

McDonald's Corp. said its profit slipped in the second quarter as sales in the U.S. continued to flag.

The world's biggest hamburger chain has been struggling to boost sales in its flagship market amid intensifying competition, changing eating habits and the persistent financial struggles of its lower-income customers. In the U.S., sales at established locations fell 1.5 per cent for the period fewer customers came into its restaurants. The company, based in Oak Brook, Illinois, hasn't managed to raise the figure since October. ... -1.2714498

Lets see - pay more, get less and they wonder why they are slipping. They aren't turning away from the calorie count or tasteless food, just the reality you get less each
time the prices rise.

Why cry over a 1.5% fall, worry when it hits 10 or more, but 1.5 is pretty minor, eh? Maybe open up in Target stores, might help both companies improve sales. :roll:
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Re: McDonald's profit slips

Postby Tsukihime on Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:30 pm

McDonald's in Asia has been dealing recently with a spoiled meat supply from a Chinese supplier . McDonald's has had the relevant meat items removed from its restaurants. The supplier's workers had picked up meat from the floor or mixed in spoiled meat into the fresh meat on the processing line.
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