Airlines are now boarding passengers by zone

Airlines are now boarding passengers by zone

Postby CielOnTap on Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:25 am

Air Canada is trying a new zone number boarding program to see if the process of getting passengers on-board reduces aisle congestion. It's not the only airline trying to find better ways to reduce the frustrations of getting people on planes.
“On a lot of flights with busy business markets, such as Toronto to Montreal or Toronto to Vancouver, we have a very high component of top-tier customers who are eligible for priority boarding,” Yiu said.

“Whenever we call priority boarding, you’re going to see 60 or 70 people get up, ready to board the aircraft,” he said. “Our top super elites are saying ‘You are giving me this priority boarding benefit, but there are 60 people in front of me, trying to get on.’”

Under the new plan, every boarding pass will have a zone number listed with the goal of simplifying the process, especially on international routes, where there may be language challenges. It should also reduce complicated boarding announcements in English, French and often a third route language.
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