The Problem Is The Word User

The Problem Is The Word User

Postby Speak-Ez on Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:16 am

We are facing an international problem and it is international because it started on the Internet. Businesses do not treat their customers on the Internet with respect. Businesses can't even properly define who a customer is. They seem to think somebody has to pull cash out of their pocket and spend it to then be called a customer and then be treated with basic respect.

Now let us think about that in relation to a store that I might own. Somebody walks into my store and before that person takes ten steps to look at my merchandise I demand to know whether that person is going to spend money. And I make that demand in a most impolite way.

How long do you think that person is going to stay inside my store?

But I was just following the new rules that we are seeing all over the Internet. If you don't spend money you are a 'USER" and you are not due the respect a "CUSTOMER" deserves.

And this is being allowed to take hold because "customers" are not fighting back. They are allowing themselves to be treated as some sort of lower form of human on the Internet.

This has to be stopped!

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