Russian webcam hackers could be watching

Russian webcam hackers could be watching

Postby dreamon on Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:06 pm

A child playing in Bucheon, South Korea. An empty crib in Absecon, New Jersey. Cattle feeding in Behamberg, Austria. Footage from more than 100 countries is being streamed from bedrooms, office buildings, shops, laundromats, stables and barns.

Experts have a message for anyone with a webcam, baby monitor or home security camera: change your password now, because feeds from the cameras are being posted online by a Russian website. The site takes advantage of the fact that camera users receive default passwords to get devices working -- such as "1234." Many manufacturers also put default passwords online, Britain's Information Commissioner's Office said Thursday. ... -1.2110705

I should be shocked by this invasion of privacy, but I am not. Technology at it's worse and now the message is all over the news, hopefully people are listening and changing to more secure passwords instead of the usual idea that It won't happen to me so why bother. Security must be one's top priority.

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