Google offers 2GB free storage for security check

Google offers 2GB free storage for security check

Postby deja vu on Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:30 pm

Google is offering a treat to users who review their security settings this week — two gigabytes of extra cloud storage for Gmail, Google Drive and Google+.

Google launched a redesigned security checkup tool today in recognition of Safer Internet Day, the company announced in a blog post Tuesday. Users can access it through their account settings. Andreas Tuerk, product manager for Google, says the checkup takes "just a few minutes." ... -1.2952011

During the time, the tool will:

*Encourage users to add a phone number they can use to access their account if they are locked out.
* Review users' recent sign-ins to make sure no one else has signed into their account.
* Ask users to look over the apps, websites and devices connected to their Google account to make sure those are trusted accounts that they use.

Google recommends re-running the checkup whenever you get a new phone or computer that will access your Google account.

I am seeing red flags on this so called great deal. Safer internet day and Google doesn't seem to go hand in hand.

Just looks like another way to pull people in to spend their cash on items they will be convinced they need, but really don't if they thought about it.
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Re: Google offers 2GB free storage for security check

Postby CielOnTap on Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:35 am

The phone number part should be optional. There will e-mail users that want contact by phone on their cellular units or landlines.
Then there are other users who don't have cellphones or don't want family at home to have to handle their calls on the landlines-besides the users may be accessing their e-mails outside of home and the phone numbers might not be where the users are.

Yahoo Mail keeps reminding me about every 20 entries into my account to add a phone number. Sorry, I don't have my own number and I don't want the household phone number used. Wish there was a setting to check off the "do not ask me again" for the phone number prompt. All I can do is choose the "remind me later" option.
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