Windows 10 and Privacy Issues

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Windows 10 and Privacy Issues

Post by deja vu » Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:13 pm

We at Speak-Ez have been watching the development of the Windows 10 program from within the Windows Insider Program at Microsoft since October of last year. Step-by-step, privacy concerns have surfaced and at each step when those concerns were addressed to Microsoft the concerns were brushed aside in one way or another.

We are now going to start documenting the concerns we saw and that others have been writing about.

We will start with the following piece:

"Windows 10 raises privacy concerns"

"It may be a free upgrade but 'we pay with our data,' analyst says"

The Canadian Press Posted this piece on Sep 10, 2015 at 4:16 PM ET and that was also the timestamp on the last update when we accessed the piece for this OP.

An extract from their piece follows:

Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system has been praised for improving upon the flaws of its predecessor, but the company is facing widespread criticism for what some are calling invasive data collection.

Under its default privacy settings, Windows 10 tracks the way users type, what applications they use, their browsing history and other personal information.

Windows 10 also sends a weekly "activity update" on childrens' web browsing and computer history to their parents. Some parents have publicly described receiving those emails from Microsoft as "creepy," while others warn it could serve to humiliate teens at a vulnerable period in their lives.

Users have to actively turn off the features to stop the tracking.
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Re: Windows 10 and Privacy Issues

Post by CielOnTap » Mon Sep 14, 2015 1:57 pm

Back in March, I had found this article about the new browser:

Interesting craft used as a graphic for this article-Microsoft is putting Internet Explorer into the sunset, with a future browser coming to support the mobile users' online activities:
Internet Explorer, everyone's favorite punching-bag browser, will soon be retired.

At the annual Microsoft Convergence conference in Atlanta this week, chief marketing officer Chris Capossela said the company is searching for a new name for its latest browser, which is on track to be debuted with Windows 10. The company is currently developing the browser under the codename Project Spartan.

I won't be joining the browsing upgrade this season as my computer cannot handle any upgrades from some files I deleted two years ago. I am aware that some online friends have had smooth upgrade experiences but some had switched back to older versions after trying the new browser before encountering user issues.
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Re: Windows 10 and Privacy Issues

Post by Speak-Ez » Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:58 am


I would like to introduce anyone reading our thread here to an individual by the name of Woody Leonhard.

And I will do this introduction by posting a link to his latest post related to some of what Microsoft is up to in their bid to shove the Windows 10 service down people's throats. ... 81-pc.html

By the way, I meant that just up there when I wrote "service" and not operating system.

Another matter in this thread, and this subject, is that we at Speak-Ez haven't really decided how far we're going to go with the issue of Microsoft and privacy concerns. This subject is a lot like being on one of Eisenhower's super highways back when they first starting building them and you just kept going and going and next thing you knew you were a couple of states past where you had planned on going.

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