Unsecured webcams can expose your activities to the world

Unsecured webcams can expose your activities to the world

Postby CielOnTap on Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:13 pm

How much is your privacy worth? Do you know how to secure any webcams that you have direct access to on a computer or in a house/residence?

Parents, those baby monitor webcams are a real problem if you have not secured them. Coffee shops with wireless services can have the same problem as do retailers relying on webcams for security.

This isn't "1984," it's the world in 2016. Shodan, a search engine that indexes computers and devices rather than information, now allows users to pull screenshots from nanny cams, security cameras and other connected devices around the world that don't ask for a username or password.

Those screenshots are connected to an IP address, a unique identifier for each Internet connection or device that can be traced back to a general geographic area.


We did post the vehicle engine hack story a few months ago too that is referenced in this article:
Stephen Cobb, a senior researcher at IT security company ESET, said public awareness of security and privacy of connected devices jumped after the well-publicized hack of a Jeep Cherokee in 2015 in which two security researchers demonstrated they could remotely control the vehicle.

That vulnerability was fixed by Fiat Chrysler America after a 1.4 million-vehicle recall, but Cobb said it was inevitable that more security issues will come to the fore as more devices are connected to the Internet.
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Re: Unsecured webcams can expose your activities to the world

Postby Tsukihime on Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:21 pm

I get nervous In coffee shops where customers are online with their phones and laptops. Not too much consideration is given to others when they snap photos or talk online with video. Can we just enjoy our drinks and food without constant surveillance? Thank you. :!:
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