Lost & Found - Beagle2

Lost & Found - Beagle2

Postby out in space on Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:25 pm

The missing Mars robot Beagle2 has been found on the surface of the Red Planet, apparently intact.

High-resolution images taken from orbit have identified its landing location, and it looks to be in one piece. The UK-led probe tried to make a soft touchdown on the dusty world on Christmas Day, 2003, using parachutes and airbags - but no radio contact was ever made with the probe. Many scientists assumed it had been destroyed in a high-velocity impact.


11 years and one month later Beagle decides to call home. What changed to make this happen?

The other question is why don't they build them better. They knew the bad bounces could happen, so why not factor that in?
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