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Nuclear sub in space

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:33 pm
by out in space
NASA wants to send its concept submarine to explore Kraken Mare, one of the methane seas located on Titan, the moon that circles Saturn. Kraken Mare is the largest known body of liquid on Titan, and it consists mostly of liquid methane.

The concept submarine is a single-ton robot, nuclear-powered submarine equipped with a seafloor camera and sampling system. The video below was posted by NASA earlier this month. ... an-1817636
“The vehicle would use conventional propulsors to yaw around, using a sun sensor to determine the initial azimuth to Earth and begin communication using a terrestrial radio as a more precise reference,” the agency explained in a conference presentation.

It's official, they have lost their minds. Can't even imagine how many millions, perhaps billions this would cost to build, let alone send into space, and who would think that a nuclear sub traveling through space to visit any planet is a good idea.

One accident, and God only knows what the fall out could be. We are doing enough damage to Mother Nature around the world, now they want to share nuclear technology with the cosmos? INSANE!!