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PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:38 am
by CielOnTap
The cricket world waits and watches for news about injured cricket batsman, Philip Hughes. He was struck by a ball in the head where the helmet did not protect him during a match in Australia.

Hughes suffered a catastrophic bleed in his brain in the freak cricket accident, in which his skull was fractured after he was struck by a ball in a vulnerable part of his head not protected by his helmet.

The fracture occurred near the large vessels that transport blood to the brain, damaging one, which quickly caused heavy bleeding.

Such subdural haematomas are dangerous not only because the pressure caused by the blood pooling in one place can crush the brain, but also because it blocks blood from entering to provide the brain with the oxygen it needs to survive.

Questions remain about why it took more than an hour from when Hughes was struck by the ball at 2:23pm until he arrived at St Vincent's Hospital for emergency surgery.

A leading Sydney emergency doctor, who declined to be named, said it appeared a substantial amount of time was spent stabilising Hughes at the site of the accident, rather than getting him to hospital where he could be treated.

Re: Cricket News

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 11:04 am
by CielOnTap
Sadly Phillip Hughes passed away due to the serious injuries he sustained. Cricketers and fans are in mourning.
While Hughes had critics who questioned his technique and footwork, Waugh thought it was important people appreciated the boy who grew up in a banana plantation in Macksville and realised how serious he was about his craft and developing his skills.

"Before he was picked in the Australian side, Justin Langer [and I] bailed him up at the Allan Border Medal and while everyone else was partying and enjoying themselves he had us in a corner asking questions about cricket for three or four hours," he said.

Insight into the determined person that Mr. Hughes was.

The Google Australia Doodle commemorating the cricketer's passing: