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Re: Rockin' in Rio in 2016

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:51 pm
by CielOnTap
Canadians managed to fend off Brazilians' attempts to equalize even with three extra minutes. Canada wins the bronze medal, 2-1.

Re: Rockin' in Rio in 2016

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:13 pm
by CielOnTap
The closing ceremony for the Rio Games will occur tonight. Swimmer Penny Oleks
iak will carry Canada's flag for the athletes. ... emony.html

The Paralympics will be held in September is a less grand fashion. There is worry about the Olympic legacy after the Games are done and Rio fades from international attention.
But come Monday, as some venues are torn down and others scaled back for the financially hobbled Paralympics in September, the bills will be tallied and the legacies measured.

"My biggest concern is what is going to happen the day after the Olympics, because for now, we had two weeks of a very beautiful party, but we know that all the serious problems of Rio will remain and perhaps no one will pay attention to us anymore," says Mauricio Santoro, professor of political science at Rio State University.

Brazil's economic crisis, the worst in 30 years, and its political tumult, on hold for the Olympics, will command attention again and the state of Rio is already broke.

"There is always a hangover when you throw a party, when you throw a celebration. But I mean this is a country full of challenges that I hope is getting out of a political and economic crisis. I hope things will get better now," says Eduardo Paes, Rio's mayor. ... -1.3730009

I missed seeing the men's soccer gold medal game between Brazil and Germany. There was a shootout? Seems to be par for the game for any final with Germany in the match. Brazil won? That had to be a happy day for TeamBrazil. ... erall-page

Re: Rockin' in Rio in 2016

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 6:53 pm
by trailblaze
Billions of dollars, sewage filled water ways, dead bodies floating around, thousands of dead fish where the athletes had to swim or paddle. In the midst of the worst recession in over 30 years, the poor hidden behind curtains, in the hopes no one will see them or ask about them. This was to be the games that improved Rio. Cleaned up the precious water that is nothing more than a toilet and help the poor improve their lives. None of that came true, and the country is worst off because they just do not have the funds. In just weeks they are to host the paralympic games and do not have the funds to cover everything, to make the changes to accomodate them. They are scaling back and when all is said and done, Rio will not be recovering any time soon. They couldn't even come close to filling all of the thousands of empty seats and more when the paralympic games take over. They had so many excuses, Zika, iffy security and medical care, bodies of water that are open toilets, but reality is that the games are just too pricey.

The question begs, can the wold really afford this spectacle anymore? Athletes that show hate that runs deep and refuse to shake their opponents hand after a match, a soccer team that shows the true meaning of a poor loser by calling the winners cowards among other things. Yes there is sportsmanship, but reality is there and hate will run deep for some and not leave it at home. Athletes that dope and still getting caught at the games, ruin it for the honest athletes. Should it continue when the cost is in the billions and could be better spent than on 2 weeks of sports. Most if not all hosts are in worse shape after hosting, but Rio is going to take the title for all times. Before, during and after, they just could not afford it, throw in a corrupt government, another may go to jail, not even enough to pay police, hospital to the point they bring in military to help out.

When is enough, enough? An idea thrown around was maybe it's time to let past host cities, host once more. If they maintained the structures, it would lower the cost tremendously, but again couldn't the money be better spent elsewhere? Especially when you have so much reality overtaking the whole idea of good sports?

Re: Rockin' in Rio in 2016

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:29 pm
by fishandchips
We know about some serious pennypinching (or is it real pinching) going on in Rio before the Paralympics launch. What a surprise to know that
travel grants hadn't been given out to participating nations relying on the grants to book their flights to the Games as of mid-August.
Countries have yet to receive travel grants from Brazilian organizers and Craven said the payments needed to be done as soon as possible.

"We hope... it will be paid and paid soon," he said. "These grants were a bid commitment and should have been paid to 165 participating countries at the end of July."

"Some smaller nations cannot afford to book their travel until grants are received. Around 10 nations, even when the grants are paid, are struggling to fund their travel. That is why that has to be paid pronto."

Organizers of the Rio Olympics have long run out of cash, with a judge in Brazil blocking further payment from the state and leaving the Paralympics without much-needed funding.
A judge is involved in the finances? That's serious. ... KKCN10U1QX

Re: Rockin' in Rio in 2016

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:16 pm
by CielOnTap
Finally have a copy of Brazillionaires to read for the long weekend. I will post if there is anything related to the Rio events that will help readers understand how venues and infrastructure came to be selected or designated for particular areas of Rio and area.

French is one of the two official languages for the Olympic Games. There was not much French heard or spoken and that worries the Francophonie. English was the main language spoken and venue or Olympic Park signs were in Portuguese and English.
French was spoken at the opening ceremonies by International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach, who is German, and announcements before the medal ceremonies are made in French. However, the language linked to the birth of the Games is absent during competitions, and signs across the Olympic venues are in Portuguese first and English second.

“At the sites, French is often forgotten in the commentaries,” Jean told the sports website FrancsJeux. “In terms of signage, it is very haphazard.”

To be fair, day-to-day communication in any language other than Portuguese, the language of Brazil, can be an iffy proposition at the Rio Olympics. Signs that might help visitors find their way across vast expanses of concrete walkways at the Olympic Park are non-existent when you desperately need them. The Brazilian volunteers on hand are charming and eager to help. Frequently, however, they can’t speak English (or French). ... e31426220/

Re: Rockin' in Rio in 2016

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:46 pm
by CielOnTap
Canadian Paralympians are in medal pursuit. This is how Canada ranks (10th)against the other countries that have won medals at the Rio event:

Full medal table rankings:

Found an insight about the Chinese Olympic training program from some paragraphs covering the athetlic training program in a book I'm reading titled One Child by Mei Fung. One Chinese athlete in the program lives in a dormitory training all the time and does not see her family. She was in shock at realizing some of her international athletic peers are competing for fun.
Also revealed is that competing athletes that do well are somewhat paired up as adults as potential marriage partners in the belief that offspring may show some of the same athletic talents as one or both parents possess. It is written that basketball superstar Yao Ming's parents were paired up in that manner and he is the offspring with the talent. He however is not agreement with that notion.