Health Canada to review rules on food

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Health Canada to review rules on food

Postby CielOnTap on Fri Jun 12, 2015 6:18 pm

The Food Guide for Canadians will be getting a long-sought update from its 2007 version. The goal is to make the food guide relevant for living today.
The governmental department will re-examine every facet of Canada’s Food Guide, from the science behind it, to the policies and programs that stem from it and it’s relevance to Canadians, the “changing food supply, population and demographics,” spokesperson Eric Morrissette wrote in an email.

It’s part of a new, “recently implemented” review process to “ensure Canada’s Food Guide and related dietary guidance, continue to be current and useful,” the statement says.

The Food Guide is commonly used to guide food requirements as well as energy requirements for people in need of specific help to meet their nutrition needs i.e. hospital patients with the help of dietitians or nutritionists.

Sugar will be getting more attention on food nutrition labels as well.
The new standard would also group all sugars together in the ingredient list, ordering them by weight from most to least.

In a typical granola bar, agave nectar, brown sugar and brown rice syrup — all different types of sugar — might be dispersed throughout the ingredient list.

"But in this framework, this new proposal where we group them together ... (they) will now move up and be in the first one or two ingredients for many products," said registered dietitian Kate Comeau, spokeswoman for Dietitians of Canada.
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