Candy myths

They May or May Not Be Healthy, But ...

Candy myths

Postby CielOnTap on Fri Oct 23, 2015 3:40 pm

Found a tweet about myths for candy. The one about dark chocolate surprise me--one should eat raw cocoa instead?
3. Dark chocolate is good for you.

In the past few years, numerous outlets have reported the health benefits of chocolate. From every single women’s magazine to the Mayo Clinic, the news that dark chocolate is good for you has made headlines. Weight Watchers devotes an entire Web page to explaining “Why Chocolate is Good for You.”

Here’s what these stories don’t always mention. Chocolate is indeed from a plant and (like red wine) has some antioxidant benefits, but not when it’s highly processed and loaded up with sugar or milk products. To get any real benefits, you need to eat powdered, unsweetened raw cocoa or even cacao nibs, the heart of the cacao bean.

If eating raw chocolate brings back bad memories of sneaking into the kitchen cabinet as a kid and accidentally biting into unsweetened Baker’s chocolate, then you may have been tempted by recent headlines to eat vast amounts of chocolate and lose lots of weight . But the “chocolate diet” story was actually concocted by science journalist John Bohannon to expose how quickly and easily bad nutrition science is disseminated in the media.

I agree with the need to check dates on marshmallow packages-one does want fresh and soft goodies for baking or snacking, not dried out or tough bits and pieces.

How many people actually compare carbohydrate weights between a nutrition bar and a regular candy bar? I don't-I rely on taste and my hunger at the time of consumption (plus availability of water because some nutrition bars are very thirst-inducing or sticky, so water is key).
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