Airline secrets - Why you shouldn't eat the inflight meals

They May or May Not Be Healthy, But ...

Airline secrets - Why you shouldn't eat the inflight meals

Postby trailblaze on Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:08 pm

Not sure why it's a secret anymore. Use to be the meals were fairly decent, but now I'm not sure what the mystery meat is or if the eggs are eggs. Think the roll and butter may be the only safe thing, that and the bag of peanuts that you pay for now. Plus while the trays are smaller, the meals have been shrunk down to size and the servings leave a lot to be desired. ... d=11593507

When you next fly, it might be a wise idea to avoid the in-flight meal - and while you're at it, don't drink the tea and coffee either.

That's the advice given by Allison Hope, a former airline industry employee, to New York website Refinery29 - and she has revealed a lot more about the often unsanitary conditions in the air. She recommends avoiding the in-flight meal unless it's served in a sealed bag, and also warned that the water used for coffee and tea comes from tanks that are hard to clean and often contaminated with bacteria.

That is gross, no wonder bring your own bottle of juice, water, ice tea etc, is catching on. It may just save you a trip to the hospital.
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