Happy Holidays -- and YES We Are Late

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Happy Holidays -- and YES We Are Late

Postby Speak-Ez on Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:45 am

Many have already celebrated Christmas and there are other holidays, as well.

This hasn't been our finest year on the administrative end of things and we apologize for that. Hopefully we'll be back on track soon, and certainly we hope to be back on track next year when the next holiday period comes around.

BUT for this year I want to repost something I put up last year for the New Year, because it is still very important.

< > < > < > < > Copying This Again < > < > < > < >

NO MATTER WHAT - Please have a safe and Happy New Year, and above all please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

It is not worth your life or hurting/killing someone else because you were determined to drive instead of being responsible. Take away the keys to prevent another from drinking and driving. They may not like it, but remember the alternative is devastating. Doing nothing is just as bad as you being behind the wheel if your friend/family member drives drunk.

Take a bus/cab or have a designated driver and arrive home safely, and wake up safe and sound in your own bed knowing you did not do any damage and had fun instead.

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Re: Happy Holidays -- and YES We Are Late

Postby deja vu on Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:06 pm

There are so many choices to get home safe. Apps that could save your life and others, so why not use them?

They are priceless, every life is precious, so do the right thing and enjoy New Years Eve, and arrive home safely.
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Re: Happy Holidays -- and YES We Are Late

Postby yukon on Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:59 am

In Bangkok, police-flanked partygoers will ring in the new year at the site of a deadly bombing that took place just months ago. In Paris, residents recovering from their city's own deadly attacks will enjoy scaled-back celebrations. And in Belgium's capital, authorities anxious after thwarting what they say was a holiday terror plot have cancelled festivities altogether.

As the final hours of 2015 draw to a close, many are bidding a weary and wary adieu to a year marred by attacks that left nations reeling and nerves rattled. Still, most places are forging ahead with their celebrations as many refuse to let jitters ruin the joy of the holiday.

"We still have this fear but we need to continue to live," said Parisian Myriam Oukik. "We will celebrate."

http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/we-will-cel ... -1.2719193


New Year's Eve is Japan's biggest holiday, and millions crammed into trains to flee the cities for their hometowns to slurp down bowls of noodles, symbolizing longevity, while watching the annual "Red and White" song competition on television. As midnight approached, families bundled up for visits to neighbourhood temples, where the ritual ringing of huge bronze bells reverberated through the chill.

Tokyo is on special alert for security issues this year, with posters in subways and other public spaces warning people to keep their eyes open for suspicious packages or activities.

In parts of the world, the New Year has already arrived. Some will celebrate later today, others have toned it down or cancelled all together. I think the quote by Myriam Oukik says it best "We still have this fear, but we need to continue to live, we will celebrate."

One can not give in to the fear or the terrorists win and that can never happen. Rejoice in the New Year, and lets hope the world can make it a better place.
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