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Re: Hitting the Road

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:54 pm
by smitty
I Honestly feel someone should draw Mayor of Toronto that is oversized & was nailed by the City Police when fiddeling with his twitter. He also claims the SUV is to small for him.

I have brought this up to other in this town of Summerland & all beef about any use of a cellular phone, twitter or you name it when driving a cage (slang by m/c riders is CAGE for any truck or car).

Good gosh any SUV should fit anyone as they have plenty of room. When buying this Subaru "Forester" part of the deal is they would do the oil change to any lube that needs to be touched.

About a week ago I had mine down & someone pointed out this gal was washing my SUV down which is normal as well.

When it was done & parked close to the Redeptionist sort of desk. I complimented here on being at home with a manual transmission. She was from Germany & also had a m/c so the two of us were in the same language as m/cs are manual shifting as well.

Re: Hitting the Road

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:01 pm
by smitty
Reading a bit about Stubby the cat being the Mayor could be the correct move instead of Mayor Ford, for the cag will not be using a Twiter when driving a car & not complaining that the SUV is to small.

Mind you the excessive population of Toronto & other things might drow the idea of a good cat to take over.

Re: Hitting the Road

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:34 pm
by smitty
Just comming out of the hospital due to a blood shot & saw this Morris. Yes it was an SUV but smaller then mine. Complimented him on this Morris. He was pleased & figure the Mayor of Toronto could find it impossibly to fit in his Morris.

We sort of chuckled the matter PLUS the city Police have nailed this Mayor for driving with normal traffice, but using his twitter.

I raced a chaps smaller British car. He had one of the rare Jaguar's with convertable top & kept on nagging me to also race his Jaguar. FINALLY I gave up & only was doing it on a practice fun. So with this left turn close to the pits I thought I was going to roll his Jaguar fo really the steering it was a bummer. Someone got a photo & the print has been hanging around with the right front wheel some distance up in the air, so the complicated me till I told them I was about to roll the Jag so end of the bit of conversation.

Yes you get into stunting like ramp to ramp with flaming wall between the two to even some more extreme ones, but I had to say NO to taking thise chances or I was continually having a lot of strain on my neck so often.

They were guzzling down a gallon on wine when they came up with some of these crasies that I was to do. Like the almost not understood to be a outhouse with walls on both side. For some one used a cheap camera & afterthe its my head is going through the wall like a cartoon drawing only it bothered me for several weeks after.

The others were in their 20s to 40s & I was only 19 yrs of age-----meaning a sucker.

Re: Hitting the Road

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:39 pm
by smitty
I do sort of like my lower powered Subaru Forester, for it has a flat opposed four that is a bit low at the front, which is the drive section, but it is also with ALL WHEEL DRIVE. This area is sort of up & down roads often covered with icy conditions, to also up to the gun Club to back down to lock it up were most trucks are in 4-wheel drive & some in chains, but the Forester scoots up this road with a lot of snow to ice on it, same when comming down.

True I have some tools for carpenty work, along with various coats, sweaters, toques, gloves to mitts. Outside the Subaru this OLD jacket used for instrument man's work is down past my knees to even a hood I might use, my toques & such. Wonderful storage area for I folden down the passenger seat for two in the back,

Ghastly thing in a while will be the terrible cost of a new set of WINTER TIRES for the old ones have had a lot of use & were used to summer tires. I will throw them in the back & once home they will be tossed into the garage for next Summer driving.

Really I do love the ALL WHEEL DRIVE in this vehicle that out did prior 4 wheel drive with a usless canopy one cannot see out around me as before. The Subaru is the answer. For me anyway.

Re: Hitting the Road

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:12 pm
by smitty
I had a lovely home cooked Xmas meal so getting there was a piece of cake.

Going back was differen for I used all i have to remove the snow or just a shile ago. Thing I did not get 100% off were the iced bits, that is hard on the wipers.

No problem getting up in long steep driveway due to the all wheel drive of the Subaru. But on the way of some up & down roads all iced up it seemed ALL driving into the opposit direction were with their fog lights & normal lights on HIGH position. I signalled to them that they were looking for it, but feel that goes through what brains they might have.

The road is NOT that wide so I had to be almost at the last few inches of the shoulder or trhe road for so many ALSO HUGGED THE CENTER OF THE ROAD & IN SOMERTIME THEY WOULD BE ON THE CENTER LINE OR THE DOUBLE no passing LINES.

Musr be lousy drivers in these small towns for lights on HIGH is a mut & driving in the middle of the road seems normal.

One of my late-father's best friends was a chap that supplied the best to the dental places & each time at our home he was out to eliminate such stupid people. For when behind you one shoud drop their lights to LOW & if commming towards you it is the same & a flickl of one lights on high to back to low is a signal that their lights are on to high. He use to rant about some of the lousy drivers in Northern Saskatchewa, to North Manitoba to also North in Alberta. SO when my father was driving he did what his friend brought up & so many stuck to the proer lights position later on in the evening.

Yes i am one of the rare m/c rider that keeps his lamps down to the low p;osition & do not need extra lamps to flood of fog lights to put a lot of strain on their batteries. Probably the ones that left their bike batters out in the cold & then comming in with a dead batter & wondering why.

Like when I come home riding a m/c that part of the day I hook up to one of the few Battery Tenders & leave them on in the winter time for the batteries work like a charm come Spring time. Do the same with my Subaru for the battery tender is in the wall with the engine so I plug in each time I come home, no matter what.

Some, not knowing me often say Looks like you are having trouble with your car" to that I point out it is discouring to try & steal a car with electrical problems. For that sort of in with the eingine section is avaliable at Wall's World around $28.00.

I was cought with a broken leg healing & did not have a proper battery tender. I could have beat it for constantly using one of the regular battery tenders, for the bikes, & would not have found mine with a dud battery. Chargeed mine up with one of the mentioned Battery Tenders, to be up to snuff, drove down to Wall's World to cone home, install it to the battery along with part there for the locals 110 Volt outdoor section & that was cured some months ago. YES they are less in price then one for a m/c use.

Re: Hitting the Road

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:15 pm
by soapy
The Kellogg family of Glenwood, Colo., would like to remind us that “work” and “life” are not the same words. They discovered that simple truth when they were on vacation last year and decided to do something that most of us only dream about: They bid goodbye to car pools and work cubicles, sold their house and bought an RV. ... in-rv?lite

Awfully brave or crazy to do this with 12 kids. Maybe this will be the new norm, hitting the road to see what the world has to offer. RVing has gone way beyond just camping during the summer, it's slowly catching on as the new way to live with or without kids.

I guess GAS will be the biggest cost to this lifestyle, it can't be cheap to fill up the tank. Then again, car payments and mortgages are sucking bank accounts every month.

Re: Hitting the Road

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:40 pm
by smitty
I think the LIGHT has come up of where so many businesses are beginning to realize parking is a problm to their customers & so are asking for a better rate, but do they get it or not.

I noted some woman was on the phone telling me that some shops were going to have a number of sales & was I interested. I said it might be okay for those that like sales to those that can obtain a parking area at no cost.

I told here, in my case, it was not interesting for that woud mean I would have to drive some 40 Kilometers & then back again. To me it was better to deal at the local shops.

Funny thing is there is not one shop that handles basic clothing. We had several of them at the main street, then less costly items at a place call Fields, at good prices, but they folded up & so we lost them. Pity for it was worth wandering around & buying this or that as I noted said items, but knew the sweat like trousers were made for people 7'6" I I am far from it, but knew a woman that would do the change & the stitching.

Wish my late Mother had not gone to the very latest computer like sewing machine for even I could use her portable Singer Sewing Machine. She died knowing she could not use it in normal sewing, or the tricks she was at home with. I gave it to someone that felt their Mother could get the hang of what I was ready to dump.

Re: Hitting the Road

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:03 pm
by smitty
Personally I wish so many of the drives would tone down their speeds for so many are clocking 140 to 150KPH on max speed of 80 to 90.

I know it is to much of a gamble to drive acrss this four lane road & be headed north & home without being hit by drivers clocking 150KPH.

What I do is look at the traffic pac on this lane going to Penticton. Then I will swin it once I see a large gap & slow down on some of the almost in town speeds, to using 3rd gear, over this almost nil bridge part to be signalling I was waiting for the left turn light. Those behind me are peeved that with the early green light saying the green left turn light will come on & YES you guessed properly as all behing me are hitting the horn for me to break the law & I will not THEN they see me with a proper left turn green light, but what happened to their patients for I know they do not have it & are all out to break the laws in Penticton. Like what is the darn hurry, for a bit later I will be headed to Hwy 97 & so home, with most others doing 140 to their l50KPH speeds they prefer.

I heard a news chap on the radio that complained about young riders in being such lousy drivers, but he, being older is so much better. The gal along with him mentioned a hill & sometimes she started to slid on it. He told her not so in his case of he had a rear wheel drive & he was using a rear wheel drive. His tip was for he to back down & come up that bit of a hill in rear wheel drive. NOTHING like knowledges News People when you hear something like that.

Re: Hitting the Road

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:45 pm
by deja vu
. ... 53734450/1

Smitty, drivers will soon be turning their attention away from people that speed to the self driving cars. I personally think that it is a bad idea, but they will be hitting the road sooner rather than later.

I keep thinking about the GPS systems and all of their problems. This technology is only as good as the people that programmed them and we all know about the problems with GPS and people getting lost. So it makes me wonder how the self driving car will do. Can they tell if a young child dashes out in front of them to get a ball? Know when they get to a crosswalk that is in use?
Know when they hit a 4 way stop?

Re: Hitting the Road

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:57 pm
by 123duyusee
I would be seriously scared to be in a computer-operated car on a roadway. Living in a 4-season zone that sometimes has snow out of season, would I trust a car to find an embedded chip in the road surface to coordinate its location to its GPS? Under snow flurries and slush? No.

Since I'm know some unfortunate outcomes have resulted due to drivers relying on GPS units more then their senses, I would not totally rely on GPS units either.

RVing with family-12 children on the road? That's a lot of home schooling and which state is home to qualify for home schooling funding... Well, the gas needed to drive the RV probably would have gone towards utilities and mortgages but income-how is that obtained?