Don't Feed The Squirrels

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Re: Don't Feed The Squirrels

Post by smitty » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:15 pm

I do not know if we have Red Squirrels or Grey Squirrels in his area, only that they run across my fence & leap into my neighbors trees, in sort of a flight.

Also one has made some of the wood at part of my house their entrance to the warm insulation upstairs.

It was started as a woodpecker, but then the squirrel family took over. I might have to put some mesh on the innerside to turn them away for they usually live in the trees & this one neighbor has 26 of fruit trees to many other variations of trees with some of them leaning over into my hard so I cannot grow anything under the area where no rain can reach.

I often feel like taking a sharp knife to cut around in the bark & that will be the end of the trees for them that are leaning over into my yard & thier leaves I have to clean up every year.

You see the above trees are leaning into the sun & that means into my yard. According to the law this is not allowed & to remove some of the limbs would mean removing 50% of some of the trees. Not all 26, but those leaning into my yard.

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