World Cities Rapid Expansion

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World Cities Rapid Expansion

Post by deja vu » Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:23 pm

Cities worldwide are on track to expand by nearly 580,000 square miles – more than twice the size of Texas – in less than 20 years, according to experts at a major international science conference.

Yale University professor Karen Seto said the North American suburb had “gone global, and car-dependent urban developments are more and more the norm.” ... as-by-2030

Very scary, The beautiful wide open spaces are becoming a thing of the past and it's a shame. Once Cottage Country was a world away from the big cities and now they are bedroom communities. Thanks to rapid transit you can live at the cottage and keep your day job in the city.

If you want to escape the urban sprawl, then living on a boat or mountain top may be the only way. That or live way up north where winter is at 8 - 9 months a year. Those places where most towns have less than 1,000 people and the next town is a snowmobile or small plane ride away.

In Canada, the Great White North is opening up and more are going to start looking north to live and work. Northern cities of Whitehorse and Yellowknife and the town of Dawson City make excellent jumping off points if you want to keep heading north.

Thanks to technology, it's easier to move to more remote places and still stay in touch, watch TV and listen to radio stations from around the world.
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Re: World Cities Rapid Expansion

Post by smitty » Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:23 pm

Good thread deja vu, for I moved out of Winnipeg Manitoba to Banff National Park to help another chap with sport shop, but in the late 50s it was hard to walk down the streets without need to duck all the others charging your way.

I could also see many more streets or Avenues for my home was East of Banff so only a 5 minute walk to the shop, for I was one of many that lived on part of a mountain to the east of Banff.

So moved to this Okanagn Valley to stay away from city like life.

I noted 40 Klicks north there was the plan of Two TOWERS OF 46 OR CLOSE to 60plus levels. I honestly felt the town council would accept it, but they said NO because so many Kelowna people let loose at a meeting & it was well knowen such towers were a NO NO. The distance between the two was staggering close to say the least.

It is a knowen fact that if a condo catches on fire they fire department can only reach 16 floors or even a bit lower.

The few times I am accidently in Kelowna it is like a mad house as drivers of vehicles with their automatic transmission tend to nuge up to the other person's bumper. When one does that to me when riding a m/c that puts the bike & me down for BALANCE is removed immediately. That also means I must lift it up on my own & if I can make it home to order parts & make the corrections. So really Kelowna is more like Greater Vancouver to me & that is a MAD HOUSE.

This was found out after the Winter Olympics for Vancouver had ordered is many GMC cars or trucks or station wagons. After the event to also the parties ALL had to be taken to body shops for the VOLUNTEER drivers did NOT know how to not have an accident or where to go.

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