Cloning Your Deceased Pet

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Cloning Your Deceased Pet

Post by deja vu » Wed May 09, 2012 1:34 pm

> ... d-dog?lite

I have had many dogs/cats over the years. They are family not pets, but not once did I consider cloning. Not that I can afford it, but if I could I still would not do it. There are others out there that need a good home and a loving family to adopt them.
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Re: Cloning Your Deceased Pet

Post by smitty » Wed May 09, 2012 2:55 pm

I agree that a lot of dogs & cats to be supplied with shelter, food, exercise, training & such.

I have a m/c board where all love their dogs & few cats. So when one dies or has to be put away for life-----that is like loosing one of the family.

Others can also feel the loss to the prior owner & hope he can obtain another that is like the one that passed away.

Some were showing off their dogs or cats. So many of them were ideal pets. I said to one in his photos of the bedroom for wife 7 & himself probaly done up by his wife. Though in this once case the two dogs occupied the comforter & said so.

So he came back & said he would have been lost in THAT word of the comforter, but mentioned his Grandmay said the same.

So that has something to say about age for both of us.

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