Gilligan's Island - Alaskan Style

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Gilligan's Island - Alaskan Style

Post by deja vu » Mon May 14, 2012 4:53 pm

> ... ed-island/

Forget the warm beach weather, coconuts, palm trees, and all but one of the deserted sailors. This man is going it alone for a year, his only company will be his dog.

Hope he knows how to build a 12x12 cabin properly or he wont survive the extreme weather that Alaska is known for.
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Re: Gilligan's Island - Alaskan Style

Post by smitty » Tue May 15, 2012 11:11 am

Dick Proenneke. is what comes to my mind for this chap, for it was on the TV some months or a year ago.

Yes it takes guts to go at this aim & my credit for his aim or attempt.

Looking at the rifles & shotguns behind him I know he will pick out what is most suitable & keep them in shape.

For I was wondering about the .44 & though I have a Winchester lever action 44 mag I only used it for deer on my orchard & so nothing larger. I could have continued on with my Lee Enfield Mk5, being called a "jungle carbine" making it a bit more compact & though the 303 British is not up to the punch that the 306 the Americans used during WWII & so many their pick for when hunting.

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