Pitbulls and kids don't mix

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Pitbulls and kids don't mix

Post by southernfry » Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:17 pm

A toddler was mauled to death after her family didn't notice she had gotten out of the house, and seven of their nine dogs attacked her in the backyard, Georgia authorities said.

Monica Renee Laminack, just 21 months old, crawled through the doggie door of her family's Ellabell, Ga., home on Wednesday evening and managed to slip out into the backyard, Debra Odom, Bryan County sheriff's office administrative secretary, said.

http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/03 ... -dogs?lite

7 of 9 purebred and mix pitbulls is asking for trouble. They are a dangerous breed and yet owners keep saying they are good dogs, just bad owners. Too many stories of these breeds killing and maiming people to make that true. They are dangerous, it is bred into them and if adults still want them, fine, just don't bring kids into the mix. It is not worth the risk.

They have a bad reputation for good reason and they terrify me. Rottweilers are a good looking breed, but almost as unpredictable as a pitbull. They are capable of going over the deep end for no reason.

Back to the just bad owners arguement for a second. There are bad owners for all breeds, But you don't hear most breeds turning on people. Pitbulls hold that tragic title.
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