That's what we see from space. Let's try to keep it that way.


Postby Speak-Ez on Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:48 am

This may seem like the very wrong place on our site to put this topic, but let me explain my thinking.

If I am able to see people on Earth as I pass by this planet and I see all the people and animals that do not have fresh water, I would then want to find out more. I would turn my vehicle around and go into orbit and study the situation a little more deeply. I see what I first thought was a pretty healthy and vibrant planet is actually a planet that has large areas where the most basic of needs for the planet's people isn't getting to those people.

That very basic "need" is water. And water is the blue in the title of this sub-forum. True, the blue I see from space is the salty kind and no good for those people not getting fresh, non-slaty water . . . well, maybe you are getting the idea, yes?

How can it be that on this fine piece of real estate traveling through space where so many have fresh water that there are others that don't get fresh water? And are dying because they don't get that fresh water. Okay, I should use the better vocabulary, clean water. Many, many, many are not getting clean water and are dying as a result. Did you know that?

Something about that just does not seem right.

Maybe, though, it might be better to point you first to a page that will give you a general picture before you move on to the Water.org website. That "general picture" can be read at Wikipedia, here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water.org

So our green, white, and blue planet has a large area of grey, doesn't it?

Yes, there are other problems that we might want to paint with a grey colour, but this one seems so easy to fix, IF enough people were to start caring! Do you care?

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