Global Climate Deal 2015

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Global Climate Deal 2015

Postby deja vu on Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:49 pm

The deal unites all the world's nations in a single agreement on tackling climate change for the first time in history.

Coming to a consensus among nearly 200 countries on the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions is regarded by many observers as an achievement in itself and is being hailed as "historic". The Kyoto Protocol of 1997 set emission cutting targets for a handful of developed countries, but the US pulled out and others failed to comply.

They can pat themselves on the back all they want, but it's all for show. Yes, it is legally binding, BUT there are no mechanisms to keep everyone to obey. No penalties if you don't, so why bother? All that money for the same old stuff and it will still take a lot of hope, prayers and hard work to make any progress, but it's not helping when the document has no real backbone.
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