Fossil Discoveries

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Fossil Discoveries

Post by keychain » Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:08 am

This one comes to us from Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada.

A Sooke, B.C. family’s walk on the beach turned into a paleontology expedition when they stumbled upon a rare find: a 25-million-year-old bird fossil embedded in a slab of rock. The daughter spotted a bone buried in a rock slab that had broken off from a nearby cliff and her brother helped carry the fossil off the beach, with their father bringing it straight to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria for identification.

The fossil has since been verified by researchers as a previously unknown species of plotopterid, a long-extinct family of flightless diving birds whose wings functioned as flippers – just like penguins. ... -1.2701545

History revisted. Who would have thought Vancouver Island had been home to a relative of the penguin, too bad it didn't survive, it would have added to the beautiful creatures that enjoy the ocean around the island.
Experts say the plopterid family went extinct shortly after the bird was fossilized due to changing temperatures in the Pacific Ocean that led to a scarcity of food for the diving birds. Sea lions and seals may have preyed on the plopterids as well.
Historic climate change has come back and this time man could change the outcome if they put in the effort.
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