Best Or Worst Christmas Gifts

Best Or Worst Christmas Gifts

Postby trailblaze on Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:11 pm

Let's start with the ones that most would dread to find under the tree.

How about those really ugly Christmas sweaters that would be better off as bird cage liner? Embarrassing to be seen in. Would you buy one to give to a loved one?

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Re: Best Or Worst Christmas Gifts

Postby fishandchips on Fri Dec 16, 2011 9:36 am

I'd understand a reluctance for people to accept cartoony or overly bright sweaters. But if I had a sweater knit in one colour but it had an intriguing pattern, I'd make an effort to wear it. Look, there's a stitch called snow angels!
Scratchy wool is not fun though. Acrylic can be dicey too-little fibres landing on the eyeball create the "ouch, get that thing out of my eye!" sensations.

Best gifts--putting a small item along with a giftcard; at least something was personally chosen by the giver.
Christmas cards with some warm sentiments written within them and not a recap of the family that achieved in the year.
Travel size toiletries, or a basket of tea and snacks to enjoy during winter.
Afghans, lapsize or a warm blanket for cold days on the sofa.
Envelope of coupons for things I do buy!

Worst gifts-not a Snuggie, as they are acrylic. Do you like static cling? Do you like tripping over yourself? Make a decent fleece set for yourself and call it your lounge suit.

I'd loathe any of the awfully overpriced and thinly knitted sweaters in the shops. Or the chemical assault of most scented candles being sold as "holiday" ones. Votives are small enough to hide but pillar candles and heavy aromas are not popular with me.

Regifts with obvious tape residue or tape sections evident on the gifts. Sorry, don't be obvious-clean up the tape or move along.

Used appliances or objects that did not get a last cleaning or have nothing to do with what I use at home. Ever hear of the scrap metal yard? You might be better off to make a bit of cash instead.
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Re: Best Or Worst Christmas Gifts

Postby burnt fare on Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:56 pm

Worst gift-used sporting equipment for a sport I don't care for. Well, a tennis racket with decent strings can help with knocking items off tall shelves or caught in a tree limb that my arm can't reach.

Best gift-food store gift card.
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Re: Best Or Worst Christmas Gifts

Postby pretzels on Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:00 pm

Going out with friends during a holiday weekend and experiencing crowds at the place we wanted to go to. That equals a worst gift idea for me.
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